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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Travian Roman Guide
[Please read if you are a Roman otherwise ignore]

I will be short and sweet. I have played as Romans in .comx-es. and teutons in ".in" servers initially as duals. I will share my experience with the tribe, ROMANS as I have played duals with some of the best ROMAN players.

An inspiring and very practical guide which I had studied long long back which I think is essential for a ROMAN is:

So here is my little secret :


>> In the start, build barracks, no stable.

>> Reach level 7-8 tiles as soon as possible.

>> If your population is 400 you should ideally have 450 troops in the following ratio (this is till your tiles reach 7-8): Legs: 250, Prets: 200.

>> Do not attack Gauls in early stages.

>> Remember : Romans troops are very costly and you cannot lose them to "TRAPS".

>> Defend when needed.

>> User your 50 Legs to raid teutons.

>> Have a feeling that TEUTONS are FILTHY targets and GAULS are your freinds (you can pair with one Gaul).

>> Have 3 crannies.

>> Raid and raid using the 50 Legs.

>> Never keep those 50 legs in your villa (raid 214 X 7).


>> When you have reached tile levels 8-9. Decide whether to be offensive or defensive.
>> Build a stable, academy, blacksmith.

>> Research "Equites Imperatoris."

>> Do not build, Imperians, they are not really needed at the moment.

>> Build a Equites Imperatoris Hero and 100 EIs at lvl 10.

>> Upgrade, blacksmith for EIs at least at lvl 2.

>> Upgrade, Market/Main Bulding and embassy to gain CPs.

>> If you are nearing level 10 tiles look for a cropper (for gold users in long term it does not matter).

>> Raid and raid and lot using EI(s) raiding will be slow but effective.

>> Gradually build the second village.

>> If you want to make the second village the capital make it and quickly build stable, academy, blacksmith.

>> Upgrade stable, academy and blacksmith.

>> Observation: Only good teutons research Spearmen early so for a long time only EI(s) will do.

The EI advantage: "They are not the fastest troops, but are a HORROR for unprepared enemies." Defending EI(s) is not advisable and not easy. Make use of your EI(s) to fullest.

>> Never raid oasis with "Imperians", use the EI advantage. Use combat simulator to see for yourself.

>> Observation: Romans do not, research "Equites Caesaris" saying its too costly this is a fatal mistake.

The EC advantage: "The Equites Caesaris are the heavy cavalry of Rome. They are very well armored and DEAL GREAT AMOUNTS OF DAMAGE."

I would advice Romans(offensive) to build Armoury and upgrade EC(s) in it, this will be beneficial when your are as-sleep and your troops aren't moving and somebody attacks you. EC's will take all the damage.

>> Gradually when you see that people are building cavalry defense unit, research "Imperians" (1.2 times your Cavalry).

>> Gradually add other villas to supply resources.

>> Move to a point where Imperian : Equites Imperatoris : Equites Caesaris is in ratio "5:3:1".

>> Keep raiding TEUTONS around you to keep a check on their troop count.

>> If somebody is growing kill his troops and make him a farm.

>> On with 90 EIs and 15 ECs. I have killed 300 Clubs, 60 Spears, 151 Axes and 10 Scouts and 15 Catas. Without losing much! (an A@rrows member who was growing).

>> Research Catas and Rams, and irritate(raid) weak teutons around you and have fun!

>> Keep growing tiles and troops to maintain the pop:troop ratio as 1:1.2-1.5 (for a hammer).

>> When your troop count(cavalry) reaches 1000s, then go for the Horse Drinking Trough.

>> When a HDT is done you will have the strongest cavalry on the server.

>> From random attack experiments by my friends it was proven that a well developed EI/EC becomes 1.1-1.6 times better in terms of attack then the Teutonic Knight.
>> It is better to have higher levels of wall in your villa. For Romans its a defense blessing providing the highest, defense bonus.

>> When you have grown your tiles to 10 its time to have 15 level wall with defenses.

>> I managed "" by having a lvl 12 wall.

The above is based on my personal experience, comments are welcome, you may follow, or you may find a better path.

If you find a better path please share that.

-- nutroy (